ebbe und flut demos - click on the 'speaker-wave' Symbol!

1. Electric guitar, directly connected to the main input, with automatic wah effects WITHOUT using the pedal or turning any knobs while playing. Sudden level increase by plucking the strings generates a trigger for the envelopes. Backgroundeffects: first and last clip dry, slight reverb for the rest.

2. An electric guitar, directly into the e&f's main in to show only the DISTORTION unit 1: guitar original (distortion at zero), 2: guitar with slight distorton, 3: guitar with more distorton, 4: guitar with hard distorton, 5: guitar with heavy distorton, 6: combination of distortion and auto filter.

3. A simple drum loop (1.30 minutes) mixed together with a doubled sawtooth tone. So, both is feeding the main input at the same time. The original sound is audible before the demo starts. The result is what you hear.

4. A 4 minute demo of a sequenzed sawtooth oscillator. The Sequenzer controls the tone height and delivers a trigger for the envelopes and one CV (control voltage) for each filter.

5. A true wav-file of the super fat 24db low-pass mode of VCF1.

6. A true wav-file of the super-smooth VCF2 in 24db low-pass mode.