Cool acrylic tabletop holders (no more available). (25 mm thickness, angle 30) Good for either two 1HU-units or one 2HU-unit ebbe und flut, the very first prototyp exhibited on Messe Frankfurt 2005

The first Schippmann's of the 80s:
An analogue drum module for triggering by typical drum pads. It works perfectly until now. Very human feel and sensitive pad trigger!!

An analogue bassdrum module.
And a mixer for mixing up to 6 modules together with panorama function.

An electroplated aluminum housing for an analogue synthesizer. The electronic worked and sounded very well. Unfortunately, because of the study I never found the time to bring them together

2 VCO's syncronizable, Noisegenerator, VCF 24db Lowpass, 2 VCF's State-Variable with Low-, High- and Bandpass function, Ringmodulator, 2x VCA, modulable Panorama, 2x ADSR, 4x LFO, S&H, special Flanger (voltage controlled Flangefrequency) and some more.
A relic of this synthesizer is this Flanger.

Left to right: Input Level, Mix (original/effect), Mode-switch (1 or 2 different delaylines, Flange frequency, Resonance, positiv/negativ feedback, LFO-frequency, Modulation depth.