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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009; thanks to Nicolas Duchon, 'Audiofanzine'

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'Crazy Analog Sooperbuth Tour 2006'

'Superbooth Tour 2005'

References (small selection):

Carl Craig
Angelic Studio
Ian Lamb
Jane Snijders
Kevin Martin
Mark Boombastik
Michael Mertens (Propaganda)
Ricardo Villalobos
Richie Hawtin
Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers)
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)

'Blues Saraceno' , Producer, Composer

"My Schippmann Ebbe und Flut is an amazing piece of gear, definetely separates the men from the boys! Anyone who is a fan of analogue audio owes it to themselves to give this unit a listen. Once you realize what this unit can do to your source tones, and how much you can actually manipulate the audio, you WILL be wanting one. Absolutely worth every penny I paid for it!"

'bureaubeige', Manfred Herman

"Gerne können wir den Schippmann ebbe und flut Filter empfehlen. Das Teil ist ein Gewinn, nicht nur für alle, die digital werken, auch in Verbindung mit analogem Equipment. Das modulare Konzept hat uns überzeugt und wir sind begeistert."

'Gary Chang', Soundtrack composer

"I have to say, with all due repect to the reviewer, that the (Sound On Sound)-review covers the very superficial features of the unit, not coming anywhere close to anything that is close to the meat and potatoes of why one would spent $2000 on a device like this.... Most of the demo mp3s on the Schippman website are patches that supercede this particular journalist's skills with the device, which includes optimizing noise levels.

Noise? One of the noisiest devices that I used in my lifetime was the Buchla 200 Series. This didn't detract from its incredible music potential.

All I can say is that there is such a clarity and headroom in this filter when operating at frequencies where most other filters simply sound like crap. It is almost worth the money for the allpass modes.... Most modular filters are useless when processing vocals - this one excels....

The controls on the E&F are rather wide range, so it took me some time to dial in patch ideas that optimize sound with the least amount of noise. Even the compressor is unique and quite versatile, albeit a single knob controlled device.

Measuring noise on this unit is useless - I don't think that measuring noise on any sound mangler has any validity whatsoever. The unit has no gain stage built in, so having a mic pre or something like that will aid in keeping the s/n optimized. Just like any modular filter, when you turn down the gain and turn up the Q, you get more filter, but also more noise - so what? You back off the setting until you get any acceptable amount of effect with an acceptable noise level. I have used this on several recordings as the last unit in a patch - it is certainly quieter than most stuff.

Yes, the patch points are on the back of the unit. There is quite a good patch on the front panel, though. In fact, most of what you would do with this unit is found on the front panel, configured by toggle switches or knob settings. I would be happy even if there were no patch points - I have some favorite patches that I use all the time - easily configured from the front panel.

Why is this unit so expensive? The first run was 36 units! Need I say more? (Just don't hold your breath for production numbers to increase soon)."

Yapacc & Franklin de Costa:
heavy used by Studiogemeinschaft
"One of our greatest tool, a must have for funky-minimal sounds or even psycho-soundscapes!"

Test reports


First statements after introducing the prototype on Messe Frankfurt 2005:

"...klanglich herausragend..." ("...tonal superior quality..."); (Keyboards, Ausgabe 06.05, Seite 20)
"...ein analoges Dualfilter der Oberklasse..." ("...a topclass analogue dualfilter..."); (Keys, Ausgabe Juni 05, Seite 10)

'Sound and Recording', 9/2006 including sound demos: ("'Ebbe und Flut' setzt neue Maßstäbe in der Welt der analogen Filter" / "'Ebbe und Flut' sets new standards in the world of analogue filters.")

'raveline', No.162 /9.2006: ("...überrascht durch unglaublich dynamische Modulationen." / "...surprises by unbelievable dynamic modulations.")

'Keys', 11/2006: ("...das vielseitigste und edelste Filter am Markt..." / "...the most versatile and most exquisite filter on the market...")

'DE:BUG' , 107 11 06: ("Scheiß rein, kommt Gold raus..." / "Shit into it, gold is comming out...")

'Musician's Life' , 27.02.2008: ("Wenn man Ebbe und Flut gehört hat, kann man sich kaum vorstellen, künftig wieder mit „weichen“ Alternativen zu arbeiten." / "If you once listened to Ebbe und Flut, it is hard to introduce yourself to work again with "soft" alternatives.")


'FutureMusic', 11 06: ("It has a fantastic tonal range; sounding both authentically vintage and thoroughly modern" / "Es hat eine fantastische klangliche Bandbreite; klingt sowohl authentisch vintage aber auch total modern.")


'Interface', Nr.122/Oct. 2008: ("Als je de vergelijking met de automerken zou doortrekken, dan is Ebbe und Flut alles tussen een Lada, een Volkswagen Karman, een Ferrari, een tractor en een Rolls Royce." / "Comparing with car brands, then Ebbe und Flut is everything between a Lada, a Volkswagen Karman, a Ferrari, a tractor and a Rolls Royce.")

'MeetMusic' , August 2008: ("De klank is zo vol en diep dat je bijna de indruk hebt dat je naar stereo luistert wanneer je in mono werkt." / "The sound is so full and deeply that I almost have the impression of a stereo sound when working in mono.")



Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 (ebbe und flut mkII)
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2007
NAMM show 2007 (exhibition of the serial product 'ebbe und flut')
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006 (pre serial model/ release in July 2006)
DJExpo Amsterdam 2005 (introducing the prototype)
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005 (introducing the prototype)